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CSR Activities

Al Rashid Model School/Nowshera/Multan Campus
Established at the AIL Nowshera vicinity in 1993 with a handful of students, the School is now grown to the strength/capacity of more than 450 students providing co-education upto the level of primary classes while, to promote education of females in the vicinity, higher classes upto Matriculation are reserved for girls only. Most of the students are provided free of cost education, books, uniforms and other school supplies. Each year students are graded based on their yearly performance. Many batches of students have so far graduated and have been given the opportunity to compete and build their future through Al Rashid Model School. The AL Rashid Model School, though to be retained its status of co-education till primary classes, is being planned to be upgraded to the status of AL Rashid Model Girls College with commencement of higher secondary classes from March 2019. Another School with same spirit and objectives had also been established at Multan in 2017. Group offers regular scholarships to deserving children of staff members and of the local community. Besides being the sole financier of the said educational endeavour, the Group is also regularly financing scholarships and various other awards to the top students of Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore.

Chairman being old student of Islamia College Railway Road Lahore, the institution having traditional contribution in making of Pakistan, committed monthly scholarship of over 100 students. Prize of Honda Motor Cycle to First position holders yearly.
Hunerkada is a women-only skill art and craft learning center, established at the vicinity of AIL. Free training is provided to the needy and poor girls of the vicinity.
Hafeez Rashid Memorial Trust & Free Diagnostic Clinics:
Hafeez Rashid Clinic, also established at the vicinity of AIL, provides free of cost diagnostic facility and free medicines to the poor females and / or to their children.
Shama Cricket Club and Academy:
The goal of SHAMA Cricket Club, inaugurated in 2008 by the Group, is to train talented and potential cricket players to polish and highlight their talent on district and international level. The Group is financing, on regular basis, the activities of the Club. With grace of Allah, players like Mohammad Rizwan and Muhammad Iftikhar have been produced by the Shama Cricket Academy (inaugurated in 2015) while many more to come-up soon as many youngsters are playing at district and regional under 16 and under 19 levels.